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NONSOMNIA™ Luxury Bluetooth Sleep Mask
NONSOMNIA™ Luxury Bluetooth Sleep Mask
NONSOMNIA™ Luxury Bluetooth Sleep Mask
NONSOMNIA™ Luxury Bluetooth Sleep Mask
NONSOMNIA™ Luxury Bluetooth Sleep Mask
NONSOMNIA™ Luxury Bluetooth Sleep Mask
NONSOMNIA™ Luxury Bluetooth Sleep Mask
NONSOMNIA™ Luxury Bluetooth Sleep Mask

NONSOMNIA™ Luxury Bluetooth Sleep Mask

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Wake Up Full Of Energy Ready To Conquer Your Day! Thanks To Nonsomnia™ Giving You A Better & More Restful Quality Sleep.

Increase productivity now, a better sleep will put an end to procrastination and lack of motivation. It is now time to be more mindful and get things done.

Lack of sufficient quality sleep is also linked to heart and many other health problems which can cause shortness of life. That's why our team came up with Nonsomnia™ which is proven to improve sleep quality, length and combat insomnia.

Why Nonsomnia™ Works

Light & Sound are the two external factors that affect sleep, Nonsomnia™ completely blacks out any light and also blocks out unwanted sounds helping you to sleep fast with ease.

Comfort  is another big factor that can affect sleep, hence why our team carefully designed the most 'comfortable breathable cotton' sleep mask on the market, it literally feels like you are wearing nothing, making it easy to get a good nights rest.

Eliminate Anxiety and Stress: Users reported that their anxiety and stress levels are dramatically lowered by listening to relaxing music or soothing sounds as they sleep.

Increased Energy: Users mentioned after using Nonsominia™ they were feeling less groggy and sleepy. They were able to get quality sleep, which resulted in more energy throughout the day.

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Other Features

8D Music Experience:  With the genius speaker design paired with the blackout mask, you will have a realistic experience like you are live in the recording studio. 

True Wireless: Nonsominia™ offers true wireless bluetooth for up to 15 meters. The pause/play and volume buttons let you control the audio without taking the mask off. Keep your phone anywhere with a stable bluetooth connection all night long.

12 Hours Battery: Just charge Nonsominia™ for 2 hours for a 12 hour play time at max volume. Nonsominia™ has a 400 mAh battery that lasts all night. 

Noise Reduction: Nonsominia™ offers full noise reduction at max volume but also allows a 360° ambient noise at mid volume. 

Why Nonsominia™ is for you

A must-have for travelers- Enjoy the perfect snooze on trains, cars and planes! You can fall asleep just about anywhere with them.

Soothing relaxation awaits- The built-in headphones will create a nighttime ambience that will put you to sleep in the most soothing of ways.

Enjoy a deep sleep- With no light or sound to irritate you, falling asleep is natural, not an effort. You will relax like never before!

Nonsominia™ is the ultimate choice- When warm music is relaxing you and all your senses are dulled you’ll experience the best sleep possible!

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